Bulgaria on air is the only media group in Bulgaria that covers four channels: television, radio, print and internet. Since February, 2013, Bulgaria ON AIR has partnership with the the global business and financial information and news leader - “Bloomberg”.

With its inovative programme Bulgaria ON AIR is one of the most respected and watched bulgarian electronic media. The programme of Bulgaria ON AIR is unique for the bulgarian ait, with great variety of weekly analitical and comentary programs and very high intensity of journalistic broadcasts. The clearly informational image of the media, focuse on the economics and business has a result faithful and constantly growing audience – active and highly educated people, decision makers, investors, the ones who are the engine of our society.

Bulgaria ON AIR Television is the exclusive partner for Bulgaria of the world media leader Bloomberg Television. This partnership gives to the team unique opportunity to represent the local projections of the world tendencies and events, but also the vice versa – to search for the role, the place and the meaning of Bulgaria in the global world. Bulgaria ON AIR Television has a national coverage – it is broadcasting on digital Multiplex, but also via cable and satelite.

Bulgaria ON AIR Radio is national radio network. In its programme one can hear the best music from 80-ties until today, Bulgarian but also world top pop and rock songs, in combination with short news on every hour. BulgariaON AIR Radio broadcasts also TV programs of the television, which gives its listeners to hear also their favourit Morning Blog, Investbook, Visible and Invisible, Media on Air, Boom & Boost, Bruxel 1 and The Day on Air.

The website bgonair.bg is journalistic-informational and offers live transmision of the program of Bulgaria ON AIR Television online in the internet. It is maintained seven days in a weeek with local and global news from different areas: finance, economics, technology, sport, etc. It contains many video recordings of programs of the television and radio Bulgaria ON AIR, comments, analisyses and corporate information for the media group. The web site was completelty renewed in March, 2014.

The Inflight Magazine and Go On Air both spreaded on the board of the airplaines of the national airline Bulgaria Air, are also part of the Bulgaria on Air Media Group. The Inflight Magazine is a luxury publication for business, analisyses, travelling and lifestyle. Go on Air is unique traveleres magazine for the Bulgarian market, offering first hand practical information for touristic and business travelling. With their audience of 110 000 per month they are the most read business and lifestyle magazines in Bulgaria.