Bloomberg gives influential decision makers in business, finance and government a critical edge by connecting them to a dynamic network of information, people and ideas. Our strength--delivering data, news and analytics through innovative technology, very quickly and accurately--is at the core of this network. The BLOOMBERG PROFESSIONAL® service sits at the center, giving our customers unmatched dynamic visibility into global and local financial markets and the world of business. Bloomberg's media services - television, print, radio and online - support and enhance this core, with more than 2,200 news and multimedia professionals at 146 bureaus in 72 countries.

Our enterprise solutions build on our core strength, leveraging newly-developed tested as well as proven technologies to allow customers to access, integrate, distribute and manage data and information across organizations more efficiently and effectively. Industry solutions include offerings covering law, government and sports, leveraging Bloomberg’s expertise in data and news to offer customers precisely the information they need, when they need it to enable better decision making. From the center of the business world, Bloomberg connects people, investing them with the power to see things they couldn’t otherwise see, find things they couldn’t otherwise find, know things they wouldn’t otherwise know and, crucially, to profit from smarter, faster, more informed decisions.