Sopharma Group (the Group) is a leading Bulgarian producer, exporter and local distributor of pharmaceutical products with a strong presence in Eastern and South-eastern Europe, offering a wide range of prescription medicines and OTC products.

Sopharma AD and its production subsidiaries have 15 pharmaceutical plants in Bulgaria, compliant with EU requirements - GMP, one plant in Ukraine, certified by the local authorities with a certificate recognized in all CIS Member States, and two in Serbia. With the exception of the plant in Ukraine, all production facilities have undergone procedures for certification to the European GMP.

The production activities of the Group are carried out and developed in the following areas:

  • Production of pharmaceutical products;
  • Substances and preparations based on vegetable raw materials (phytochemical production);
  • Veterinary vaccines;
  • Infusion solutions;
  • Concentrates for hemodialysis;
  • Medical disposable products for human and veterinary medicine;
  • Injection molded products for the industry, agriculture and households.

The Company has a portfolio of more than 210 products: mainly generics and 15 original products, of which 12 products are phyto-based. The original products of the Company (and in particular Carsil and Tempalgin) are key contributors to its revenue from export markets, while for the domestic sales the most important products are generics, of which the leading drug is Analgin.

The product portfolio of Sopharma AD is focused on the following therapeutic areas: cardiology, gastroenterology, pain management, cough and cold, immunology and dermatology, respiratory and asthma, neurology and psychiatry, urology and gynecology.

The most important pharmaceutical products in terms of their contribution to revenue are:

  • Carsil - original plant-based product , used to treat gastroenterological disorders (liver disease);
  • Tempalgin – original analgesic (painkiller);
  • Tabex – original plant-based drug used for smoking secession;
  • Tribestan – original plant-based drug used for stimulation of the male reproductive system;
  • Broncholytin - original plant-based product used to suppress cough;
  • Analgin – generic analgesic (painkiller);
  • Nivalin – original plant-based product used for diseases of the peripheral nervous system;
  • Methylprednisolone - generic medicine for cases of severe allergies and certain life-threatening conditions