Central Cooperative Bank Plc. is a univercial commercial bank, belonging to the financial structure of CCB Group EAD. Together with the remaining companies, the Bank comprises the full array of products and services in the field of financial intermediation, with an emphasis on SME lending and retail banking.

As a universal commercial bank CCB Plc offers an array of financial products and services,which correspond to the competitive requirements of the dynamically changing market environment. The Bank constantly strives to deploy the spectrum of financial intermediation and works hard to create new and develop the known products and services.

Central Cooperative Bank Plc. is an indirect member of EBA STEP2 SCT and a direct member of TARGET2.

The Bank is an indirect member of International Swaps and Derivatives Association, Inc - ISDA.

The Bank is a full member of MasterCard Europe and Visa International, offers the Maestro and MasterCard cards and the family of Visa cards.

CCB Plc has a licence to carry out transactions as an investment intermediary on the Bulgarian capital market, acting on its behalf and its expense, as well as at the expense of its clients.

CCB Plc is a primary dealer of government securities on the Bulgarian domestic market.

The Bank provides an easy access to all range of its products via a well-developed branch network, offering quick and modern solutions to its customers. At present the Bank has 266 branches and offices all over the country and abroad, which are subject to constant optimization with the aim of maximum efficiency.

CCB Plc maintains good relationships with a number of correspondent banks, improving the business contacts with them. The Bank has 360 correspondents and 22 Nostro accounts, as well as a number of lines for documentary operations for various amounts and trade finance for the import of investment products, made in EU. Through the MM and FX limits, the Bank maintains the wide spectrum of the offered products and consulting services.

CCB is an agent of the Western Union international money transfer system, which products and services are offered at 242 branches and offices of CCB Plc in 129 settlements across the country.

CCB Plc is a full member of the European Association of Cooperative Banks, and theInternational Cooperative Banking Association.