The French association of financial communications professionals – CLIFF

Cliff is the French association of financial communications professionals, created in 1987 as an association under the Act of 1901.

At the end of May, 2015, Cliff has 213 members from 135 Companies:

- 185 financial communications and investor relations professionals from 110 companies listed for trading in France and representing 90% of the Paris market's capitalization;

- 28 members from 25 associated companies: individuals working as external financial communication consultants who are directly or indirectly responsible for the financial communication and investor relations of a listed company, or individuals in related fields whose knowledge and skills enrich the association’s discussions.

Cliff is recognized in France and abroad as a voice for the profession and a contact point for various financial market participants and regulators.

The Cliff's Missions are to:

- Foster the sharing of experiences
- Promote the status of Investor Relations professionals
- Voice the opinion of Investor Relations professionals
- Educate members in the field of financial communications.

and its core values are:

- Professionalism
- Sharing
- Ethics
- Trust
- Conviviality

In 2013, in partnership with the University of Paris-Dauphine, CLIFF launched a unique continuing education program open to a wide audience in France. From IR professionals to all those who come into contact with IR regardless of their position at the company, including those who have just joined the profession or are thinking about it, this comprehensive program covers a full range of topics relevant to the profession from both an academic and a practical standpoint. For those who complete the IR fundamentals program, CLIFF-University of Paris-Dauphine certification will be a mark of excellence.

Cliff is also a founding member of the Observatoire de la Communication Financière (OCF), beside Bredin Prat lawyers, Euronext, PwC, SFAF (the French financial analysts association). Created in 2005, this association serves as a forum for the observation of financial communication and promotes exchanges amongst financial market professionals.