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Get Together
Session 1: Status, priorities and perspectives of Bulgarian capital market
Session 2: The Impact of Global Capital Flows on Emerging Markets - Investor trends and how IR can actively prepare
Session 3: Balkan IR: two points of view from Bulgaria and Greece
Session 4: Why Digital Matters for Investor Relations
Session 5: IR Online – presenting the BSE survey with the cooperation with Message Group
Session 6: Putting your IR website at the center of corporate communication strategies
Session 7: Use Bloomberg to change the way you manage investor relations
Session 8: The Power of News
Session 9: Lunch & Learn Enhanced Outreach: Fair Disclosure Tools for Digital Investor Relations in the Light of New Regulatory Challenges.
Session 10: Investors’ expectations – How do we meet them?
Session 11: Sustainability IR: what level is appropriate?
Panel Disscusion IR programs – the value of education – USA, UK and German best practice
Session 12: Implementation of the Market Standards for Corporate Actions and General Meetings in the activities of the Central Depository AD.
Session 13: European CMU – state of play
Session 14: Shareholders Rights Directive – What does EU expect from listed companies?
IR Awards Ceremony and 10th Anniversary of ABIRD Celebration
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